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Persona Mercure Replacement


Duration 31:12 min
4 Tracks, First edition of 50 copies, hand numbered.

C32 BASF Chrome Cassette.
Composed and produced by S.Mercure. Mastered by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Release date : 21/08/2016

A1. Status A
A2. Input 2
B1. In Order
B2. Replacement

Replacement has been conceived with a small amount of effects and processing techniques. The sound sources are mainly manipulated by pitch based effects such as: pitch shifting, pitch tracking and frequency shifting. Sound movement and space manipulation are done with basic panning methods, reverbs and mono/stereo exploration. A maximum of three sound sources is used on pieces. Any additionnal sounds or tones audible are the result of manipulations aforementioned.

Download code included

more info at: www.archiveofficielle.com/001